LaPipette what?

What is LaPipette?

Hi! My name is Etienne, I am a PhD biochemist based in Oxford and I work full-time in a biotech. I created LaPipette in 2018 with the help of my cat. LaPipette is a passion project that I run during nights and weekends. On LaPipette you will find illustrations and infographics about science. Most of them are about biotechnology which is my background or environment which is a very important topic to me. I take some freelance projects from time to time so don’t

How does LaPipette work?

This website gathers my best illustrations. If you want to see more, I try to post at least once per month on Instagram but sometimes I can get busy with the rest of my life. I designed this website using Andrew Banchich Forty theme as a base. LaPipette is powered by Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages!

Why LaPipette?

I travelled for a few months after my PhD in biochemistry and realised that access to education and in particular science can be difficult in some parts of the world. Unlike some people I met, I was lucky enough to be able to follow my passion and study biology. With recent major advances in cancer therapy, gene editing and ‘green tech’ biotechnology promises to revolutionize our lives in the 21st century. LaPipette aims to explain these future hopes and challenges in an accessible and fun way. LaPipette is inspired by TED, Kurzegesagt and numerous design which makes education more accessible.